I am not into ..wasting technology…so…

Never Settle – Change is Now

Our revolution started with a simple vow : Never Settle. Now that the OnePlus One has arrived, you don’t have to anymore. Don’t settle for useless features, grainy pictures, or exorbitant prices. Get rid of the past, it’s time to smash it. 100 of you will be the world’s first owners of the OnePlus One – all you have to do is to smash the phone you currently have.

Want the One? Follow this 3 step process:

1. Apply – Fill out the application form and send it in.

2. Stand Out – We’ll choose 100 applicants to be our smashers.

3. Smash & Share – Share a video of your smash on YouTube and the OnePlus One will be yours!


Each winner will receive a 16GB Silk White OnePlus One + 3 invites to purchase the OnePlus One.

via Phone Smash – OnePlus.net.

I am not into ..wasting technology…so…

I will smash my HTC one X mobile into the mailbox of the postoffice and send it for recycling so it can be used in the third world.