The health clinic review

I give the surgeon and the staff 5 stars at the health clinic in Tallinn, Estland because they see me as a person and they treat me as a patient. They pick me up at the air port and I’ll meet the surgeon within a few hours. A plan is made and question is asked. But the e-mail correspondence before the trip has given me most of my answers. The technique is new and updated. I am very pleased with liposuction, arm lift and tigh lift and the wings-reduction of extra skin. The scars are 99% perfect and the healingprocess after is 4-7 weeks for me. Hospital dinner is homemade and perfect. Its perfect. I totally recommend this team before any surgeon in Sweden. The prices are lower but the service is higher.

Thank you so much everyone.

Anyone who is looking for better prices and perhaps now willing standing in Landstingets kö for Gastric by pass, this clinic is doing it for 60.000 SEK. It’s almost half the price in Sweden. And just another thing, upper eyelid surgery is 10.000 SEK. Liposuction from 16.000 SEK and up depends on how many areas. Thighlift 25.000 SEK and Armlift 18.000 SEK. Mini-tummytuck 24.000 SEK and for the big one 29.000 SEK. And of curse for breast enlargement prices starts at 35.000 SEK. They do all kind of stuff.. just visit their website and look for your self.