Scammers through

Scammers as Dr Rubi Goni Waziri is using blocket contacting Swedish people to convince you to receive a cargo worth 10.2 million dollar.The scam ends with a fee of airport VAT of 5900 dollar or 4400 dollar if you wish it to be send to your address. They also suggest you another option: to pick it up yourself at the office in London or Spain. I google all e-mail addresses and names and didn’t find anything at first.

Dr. Rubi claims its money after a deceased person named Dr Isa Abdur Rahman who in the e-mail claims to have been killed a week ago but in fact he died over a year ago, source google. Now the problem is to get the money out of Syria and this is the help the scammers need, they put on a trustworthy story about the war and how the shipment of the cargo will go by red cross jet. No fee is named in the first letters, they ask for your whole name and address and a copy of your license

I contacted you because Syria now is not safe anymore for doctors. Our Location are all secret after the army bombarded some hospitals, including the AL-Shrea hospital where i work that was shelled three times and  finally destroyed. Most Syrian doctors asked  not to be identified for fear of retribution from the authorities.

Going to a state hospital is no longer an option for many people. The army controls the main hospitals,  which i believe are filled with Syrian security personnel. I saw wounded fighters arrive at one of these public hospitals and get beaten and arrested before being treated.I’m very scared for myself, but what can I do? This is my duty. I have to help.

Within 24 hours you have received several e-mails with perhaps 6-8 hours in between. And a copy of the airport bill. Airway Bill (edited)

If you really think,you can see a huge mistake here. 10.2 million dollar should weight at least 100KG… not 55kg. You can google this also.

When the cargo has left Syria you are asked to e-mail to ask for your information when the cargo will arrive. They aslo leave a phone number: Dip. Joseph Anderson Tel; +346 03855 283. No one answered the phone. But it did ring. Next day he askes to get a confirmation who you are and ask for a copy of your license again. After that the e-mail come about how this pick up will happen and the fees:

OPTION ”A”:Diplomatic Delivery Method;This delivery system is a process by which our company will organize a travel arrangement for two our diplomats to bring the consignment to your destination in Sweden.This method is 100% guaranteed….Risk Free and secured.In this process,you will pay the delivery cost as follows:
(1)1,160.57 Eur,for the Air-Flight Ticket for the two diplomats that will deliver the cargo from Spain to Sweden.
(2)2,834.36 Eur,for the Airport /Vat tax and customs duty tax,..that will prevent the customs at the airport not to open the consignment while on transit.
(3)2,000,00 Eur,for our Diplomats Delivery fee…which includes all delivery dues for us to deliver your service(s)The Total cost of the above service will be 5,994.93 Eur.
OPTION”B” BY Self pick-up:This is a method by which you will come here in London or in our office in Madrid Spain and prepare by yourself-ALL the necessary legal paper of your cargo.afterwards the cargo will be released to you.Then you will be responsible to take the said cargo to your destination.
You will pay only 2,834.36 Eur; for the airport tax and vat,and 1,600.00 Eur handing charges Total 4,434,36
Very safe indeed.
I asked once why the content weight was only 55kg, and I got the answer to not discuss and if I do not want to help a mother of three I should tell the diplomat to send the cargo back to Syria.
I run a imageseach on google of the picture I got. (I still ask my self why they even send this picture).
Red cross office (2)
It is edited on several other sites, just another face, but this picture is on several sites, they look legit but it’s not from yesterday, its from 2004 at least.
They question is, witch I will never know.. how on earth they would get my money, because If I say I will come and pick up the cargo, I would know I would pay to a service personel at the airport and not the diplomat him self, and how would he take it, by VISA card? And if I would say: Please I can not pick it up, (witch was never mentioned in the first e-mails) I would get some kind of transfer information witch I would see, or my bank, it goes to a private person and not the airport of Spain or UK.
The story they built up is trustworthy in a way.. but they didn’t think it through enough..
All I can say is: google is not your friend.