Earthquake in Saranda

​It was a 5.5 and I heard the window tremble and my things, and my laptop in my lap, and then my bed and mattress and then my self… first I thought I was drunk..or maybe I need to eat… then I stood up and wondered why the Fuck I am naked, and what shall I do now, the house is actually moving and I am on 3d floor, I called my husband and went out on the balcony, my neighbor said ”this was a big one”.. I saw others from my house on the parking lot, I cried of shock and I feel very confused. And now, one hour later I am still shaking… why am I always alone when shit happens? It’s to much for my nerves this year.

At this moment I just realised I am IN SPACE, on a PLANET.. thats freaking scary!

It rattled all night and the waves of shakes was approx. every 20 minutes between 03:00-05:00am local time, reports says it was shakes at 4.3-5.3 and thery were all different, the bigger ones was freaking scary and even now 12 hours later my balans-system isn’t correkt and I am walking like a drunk. And my feelings are very upset and I am in chock. Please never put me through stronger actually feel your house, a 5-th floor house, to lean, is fucking scary!! And my balans-system is super sensitive – I am getting seasick at huge bridges sometimes. Imagine how long time it will take that my balans and feelings will be ok now.. at least a week.

I’ve also read reports a year back and in this area it is shakes all the time, but usually 1.1-2-2 -shakes and this is when the invisible truck is driving on the street outside my house, I can imagine. 5.5 … all alone,.. sucked bad.