Loreen  statements -reaction

I must write this.

When I saw this performance two weeks ago. I was in chock for a week. What the fuck happened?

The song began…and the dancer expressed fear, hunger and pain. ”We don’t need a way out” We don’t need nooooooo… that horror ”no” in the beginning frighten my inner child and I didn’t breath again throughout the song. The powerful dance and her amazing vocals and strong message almost stopped my heart. I’ve never become this scared since the video of THRILLER (Michael Jackson). And I’ve never felt this kind of despair since EARTH SONG live in Prague and Warsaw in 1996, HIStory world tour. Or the power of Earth Song performed Live, ever.

This is why I understood Loreen and her team had delivered a complete theatrical performance that will change my life completely. I miss my dearest Michael so much and his talent and love for mankind. But I now feel OK because I’ve found everything I’ve lost with Michael’s death, in Loreen.

Her talent is what I need and her album Heal is still on my phone and is played regularly.

I’ve enjoyed all songs so far by this talent and I can’t wait for more.

Please don’t get bored with music.

You deliver en helhet, som de andra inte gör. 

I just need to compare with Lady Gaga, Super Bowl performance, she did EVERYTHING AND DELIVERED NOTHING, Loreen didn’t use much (less is more) and delivered FULL EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. I DIDN’T HAVE A CHANGE TO STOP MY SELF. I WOKE UP AND I FELT ALIVE WITH THIS SONG AND PERFORMANCE OF STATEMENTS.

I decided I NEEDED to go to ”andra chansen”. I had the feeling I shouldn’t buy tickets to the final. The children will not vote for something that scares them… and in Linkoping I was surprised by not seeing any homemade signs with Loreen’s name.. and yes, she was voted out with a happy positive song that doesn’t give you nightmares or stress.

If the meaning was to show powerful female statements and historical moments, it actually failed. And unfortunately this might be the reason why she was voted out.

But I loved it.