International day of #metoo 15 October


Let us all remember this day and never forget this everyday-problem. October 15 has to become the international day of #metoo

The perpetrators need to be remembered the consequences of their actions.

It is time to teach our children that it isn’t love or interest a boy is showing when he pulls your hair or pinch your bootie… It is not cute, its not sweet, its not love, it is harassment.

The disciplin has to start in our homes, in the schools and at the yards.

Every time you get a feeling of being treated wrong – you have to tell. To your closest adult friend, your teacher or boss or the police, a social worker or your grandmother.

As women we all know the feeling of this behavior, a lot of boys and men doesn’t understand or even are aware of their own behavior because it is all normal to them.

It is only because they have never heard the word NO and THIS WAS NOT OK.

It starts in school with pulling and name-callings and pinches and it continues with dickpics online and unprovoked flirting at the supermarket, unprovoked grabbing in the pub and unprovoked touching in the elevator at work… all this, is NOT ok.

I will remember October 15.