Coca-Cola gives me codein reaction

I stopped drink the Coca-cola we have in Sweden because I get a gluten-reaction of it. It is both E330 and the color E150d that gives me a problem.

But when I was on vacation in the Balkan-area I never had this gluten-reaction but I was given another. My muscles cramp all together in my chest and back area…and gives me discomfort.

It appeared to me clearly when I was given a medicine for a dry cough with codeine. I woke up in the middle of the night with the same kind of cramp in my muscles but it escalated to the worst cramp ever. It passed but It came back an hour later again and then it was over.

I know I am allergic to codeine because they gave this to me once when I had my boob-job and it woke me up and I thought I had a heart attack. But it was an allergic reaction. It is not dangerous to me, it was just very painful.

I have been drinking coca-cola zero the past 30 days, only one 330ml can, every two days.. so approx. 15 cans. And I have been wondered what is going on in my chest and back area.

It was not a heartburn this was something else, I recognize it but I wasn’t sure.

Then I became ill and my stupid pharmacist told me this cough medicine doesn’t have the codeine I am allergic to. (What the fuck did she mean by that?) So I bought it.

But within 5 hours I had my attack (enormous muscle contraction), and I knew I could get it so I was prepared. (I was suspicious how codeine could not be codeine). I was not surprised and I was calm the two hours I endured the pain.

When I woke up this morning I knew this is what has happened to me for a month now. But the pain/muscle contraction had been small.. but it woke me up every day I have had a coca-cola.

I usually do not drink coca-cola like this, (often) but if it has a trace of codeine or something familiar to codeine I understand why I have been addicted to it. But the pain at night has been a concern for me. The bell rang in my head: something is going on here!

Since I can not drink Swedish coca-cola nor the Balkan one, I am choosing to stop this nonsense now.

I feel grateful the pharmacist tricked me into this experience.

Fuck you Coke and your coke.