Himalayan salt and blood pressure

Since I started with this pink Himalayan salt from Special foods I have had a headache. Now I have thrown this one and am already better. This is sick – since what you buy at the supermarket should e safe!? I have had a fever and headache for 5 months of this and trouble with the thyroid and heart rate and blood pressure.

Damn it.

In only about a quarter of the minerals in Himalayan pink salt are nutrients that the human body can or might be able to use. The other three quarters are not recognized nutrients and would be better classified as contaminants. They have no known health benefits, and many of them are known to be harmful. The list includes many poisons like mercury, arsenic, lead, and thallium. It includes radioactive elements: radium, uranium, polonium, plutonium, and many others. Radiation causes cancer, and even tiny amounts are potentially harmful.

3rd day now without Himalayan salt – I feel completely healthy, no headaches, no headache, no pressure on the thyroid and normal blood pressure. 107/70 pulse 74 .. (Which is about 6 above what I usually call my normal pulse) … During the weekend I have read my diary on my mobile about my daily symptoms and realized that I had taken a photo of this salt 30/9/2019 and in initially it was hot weather so I took a salt shot, about 0.5 teaspoon salt with water but after 4-5 weeks the headache and pressure started and a lot was completely out of it .. I did not take salt shot during the winter but I still salted my food with Himalayan until February 1st, it was when I first began to think about why I always had a headache and small fever and that it felt like the pituitary gland was swelling. (LOL, I know, but it felt so !!) so then swapped salt jars for regular salt, the same as I always have used and then I just had the Himalayan salt on the table .. my symptoms got better, had less fever .. but still fever, according to me … and now last Monday I threw the salt in the garbage and got much better within 24 hours .. and now it’s been 65 hours and i have for the first time since the end of November no headache ..

Day 6 without this salt. I still have like a tingeling feeling on my head and like if its wet.. but I do not feel swollen in my head or pain or twitching or anything, I sleep much better and my pulse is 78 and blood pressure at 107/65 witch is almost my normal pressure.. My tingelings moves over the scalp if I eat salty foods.. Its very weird…but its waaaaay much better and less for each day so.. I know I have found my mistake! I feel very stupid now.. but how would I know not to believe what is in the supermarkets?

Now I can now say that this applies to all Himalayan salt .. I’ve made a lot of research and I have found others who says the same and even some doctors recognizes this – so why is it allowed to be sold?!

The weird thing was that my girlfriend also got blood pressure spikes to 140/90 a few times this spring .. she has also changed her salt to Himalayan salt, but I do not know if it is the same kind. I’ll ask her! But she got salt-fobia and quit salt completely and has not had the same problem again .. not because she had linked Himalayan salt and what ever happened to her whole body! I told her this morning that I had 144/92 last week a few times and pulse at 92 and thought I would die from panic! I also found girls in hashimoto groups who has been speaking about this for years.. but unfortunate I have not seen it until now.


Day 8: I am better, my pressure is down to normal 107/65 puls of 65, but I have still a wet feeling on my head, some tingeling feeling coming and going on my forehead and over the scalp. I still have a little temperature, but I do not notice it.. if I get exposed to gas of diesel or benzine or smoke or paint I feel a rise of my heart.. but I am very sensitive now and I hope it will pass.. My heart pumps up to 120/80 with is weird but feels ok, because I almost do not feel it.. but toxic environment poison me within seconds – I just need to heal now and not run in traffic or have a glass of wine yet. I am sleeping ok I am not tired and I am active and my emotions are normal…and I want to eat again =)

Passed one month now and my husband asked what I’ve done with my eyes.. they are sparkling white now.. the eye-white.. it was kinda yellowish before.. and one week after even he had white whites.. he has eaten Himalayan too of curse since I am the chef in the kitchen.

But I stil have some weird pain in my head.. but its better for each day..

Symptoms I had already in November were: ticks in the eye, left eye twitching and  I started to have fever 37.7 and had blood pressure of 120/80 which I have never had before.

December: small ticks in my eye only, probably because I used less salt because it was not hot anymore so I missed the small extra doses automatically .. had fever 37.4 .. and pressure over the thyroid and in my ears.. I had head ache for sure!

January: Had started to think about this now for real and changed one tub to sea salt again, I only had ticks in the eye lids sometimes now, probably those days I had extra fever and more headaches so I took a shalt shot again with water. I Had a fever of 37.2-37.4, a bit high for me who usually have 36.6 and pressure over the thyroid. Was swirling in the head and felt kind of like brain bleeding – weird feeling in the head .. pressure in the ears and could not breathe deeply ..

February: the same as in January but also sick with the flu and cold so, did not care so much about all the symptoms. Pressure in the head though but not sore .. uncomfortable but manageable, and pressure over the thyroid, pressure in the ears and could not breathe deeply .. I was probably better for a while since I eat paracetamol because I was sick from a cold/flu.

March: Breathe as if I should have panic anxiety attack, at the top of the chest … can’t oxygenate myself, opened all the windows .. don’t know, don’t think I’ve salted the food extra or anything but got heart shakes and was on 144/92 with resting pulse 92. I couldn’t clean my house without feeling my heart, I couldn’t sleep because it was more bad at 01.00 AM..  I was afraid to move. Pressure in the ears and could not breathe deeply .. Nightmares about disasters and 37.2 in fever and pulse ranged between 82 although I would sleep … and pulse of 92..pressure in the head as if the pituitary gland were too large and couldn’t fit and pressure over the thyroid and in my ears. I Could not vacuum without almost dying .. I Started to read my diary and realized what change I had made .. I wanted to change to a better salt .. not..something that almost killed me.