Corona lockdown

I have never been through war or anything, I have not even heard stories from friends about war or other kind of lock downs as we now experience throughout the world. And it really feels shitty. I get stressed out by all the numbers flying around and the fact that the whole city is dead and everyone actually stays at home. I am impressed by that. But to not be able to leave the country feels weird. What if I want to go home? What about everyone who want to go home after being outside the boarder?! And not be able to.. its a weird feeling, and how are they even doing it if you had a budget for two weeks and being held in a country you do not belong to. With what money? How do they do it? I’ve seen some people offering their apartment for several stranded tourists for free. But that is one apartment – how are the rest of them surviving?

And in the poor countries that doesn’t have the Swedish tax-system – how will they survive without a salary because its a lock down? I know a lot of people who are banned to go to work because the coffee shops are closed down and unnecessary shops and they might be without salary for months. They have a family and children who are now at home because the schools are closed and while bored they are eating more.. and the money they had will run out more fast than ever. I do not know how they will survive this… because no one knows how long time it will stay like this…

We are all doing our best to not spread by staying at home.. I feel locked down and helpless and stressed. I have medicine for 2 months and rice.. and toilet paper for a week.. but then what? Its so weird.. don’t take the car.. to walk in the open might be worst! And what about all those in the supermarkets and pharmacies – they are meeting people all the time, is anyone thanking them?

I hope in the small countries that only have tourism to live on – will get tipped by those who can this year…because they will suffer hardest from all cancellations.

I heard that the government will regulate the salary but hey, who has a contract? No one.. so no none will get their salary. Maybe this will be a way to find cheaters too and force everyone to become white and also start with a credit card instead of dirty black money.

Who are C#i#@ to blame us? They should have locked down whole C#i#@ in January and not letting anyone leave. Did they do that? No.. Now the whole world need to close the boarders because they didn’t..

We believe all this will soon end- but the risk is it will never end.. how would it even be possible to end? I don’t see that… but to let it spread just like that is to scary… two weeks quarantine is childish to believe it will help.. its like those who has been tested negative, yes, you tested negative today but what about tomorrow or next week? This will be ongoing.

Nah, this is a shitty situation by people who eat everything and has zero hygiene.

From this we will learn how to clean our hands and always be alert. I can not see I will end up thankful for life after this trauma. I am more filled with hate, more than I have ever had inside of me. I do not see the light in the tunnel – all I see is people who try to make us hope this will pass, people who hasn’t more experience of this than anyone because this has never happen before, like this. They try to keep us positive, witch is good, but do not lie to us! I rather know the black truth than a red lie.