Lays wavy salted chips


OMG! Why ! I use to eat the normal chips without the waves but I didn’t know it was still a problem for me since I am allergic to gluten and I have had some small spots on my face, neck and chest for 2 years.. I didn’t know it was from the chips.. But anyway, when the wavy ones came and they were indeed more yummie.. and I ate them as I use too since on the back it says; potatoes, salt and sunflower oil… but after 3 days of eating a small bag of wavy chips with salt… I was completely full with small acne spots.. it was not acne but it was small bumps all over my upper body.. It looks like a gluten-rash, for those who knows who that looks like. But it was the first time I had it also down from my neck to my butt..and completely full on my chest.. so they are not NGF.. not glutenfree.. they are peobebly made on the same line as the other chips with 100 ingredients of taste enhancers…

I did write lays and asked why they are not glutenfree.. but they refereed me to my countries distributor. And I am to lazy to write one more time.. Thank you for the service! Dipchipts.

So, I can eliminate one more product I can not eat…and now I also understand I can’t eat the lat ones either.. since I have been chips-free for two weeks and my skin hasn’t been this clean from spots in years… fuck off lays.